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Halul Offshore Receives
Halul Offshore Receives "Joint Safety Improvement Plan" Award

In recognition of Halul’s commitment to the development and implementation of the Joint Safety Improvement Plan (JSIP), the company was awarded at a safety conference held by Qatar Shell on the 23rd February 2016 in the Qatar Science Park. Halul Offshore and Qatar Shell had conducted the JSIP in 2015 with the endorsement of Halul CEO Mr. Vivek Seth, and Mr. Blake Stephenson, General Manager, Wells Operations-Qatar Shell.

Joint Safety Improvement Plan, JSIP, is a high-level agreement on corporate initiatives that is followed by alignment on life rules and critical focus areas on process and personnel safety that relate to working on vessels and offshore platforms. Both Qatar Shell and HOSC used the JSIP to generate material to be used at all employee levels.

The JSIP is a six-section initiative that gives both parties enhanced guidance on certain safety issues and KPIs, to which they are committed in order to improve all aspects of HSE onboard vessels contracted to Qatar Shell.

The six sections cover process safety, leadership visits, emergency response, safe loading, sharing of incidents and processes as well as enhanced training.

To comply with the JSIP, a lot of work was put in by the QHSE team (David Clegg, Mohit Jain, Wayne Evans, Babymini Baburaj and Kurian Kannevilayil Philipose) as well as the Fleet and Technical department (Ehab Makaryous and Polakulath Krishnakumar), in addition to the crew of Halul 45. This includes enhanced training, inspections, procedures and processes along with regular safety meetings and conferences.

The JSIP is audited monthly by Qatar Shell with weekly updates given to ensure continuity and that both sides are aligned.