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Lift Boats
In 2016, Milaha established the Milaha Offshore Service Company in Singapore to develop brownfield services and manage the assets comprising one of the world largest liftboats and high capacity automated modular workover units.

The assets provide world class, cost-efficient solutions to the sectors of well intervention work, platform maintenance campaigns, and decommissioning projects.

The “Milaha Explorer” liftboat is a key asset that allows conducting concurrent well service operations while having ample deck space for all the various equipment. It also allows a ‘walk-to-work’ process which significantly decreases downtime in the transport of workers during maintenance works. The liftboat can be used for all the preparatory work for well decommissioning as well as the removal of the platform.

The modular workover units are designed for platform installation and are usable in all regions of the world. The units’ uniquely compact design allows for great flexibility in accessing well slots. The units are automated with iron roughneck and pipe handling to allow for minimum crew, thereby reducing cost.

Our operational methodology is based on Planning, Analyzing, Collaboration and Executing (PACE) the task at hand. 

Planning of the project while determining the step-by-step sequence and identification of services needed
Analyzing of the methodology in order to determine the most likely duration of the project and thereby the cost
Collaborate with service providers to source required services 
Deliver and execute the project, while ensuring continued measurement of progress 

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