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Subsea Services
HOSC's Subsea Services Division was established in 1988 before being acquired by Halul Offshore Services Company in 2010.

HOSC’s Subsea Services Division has significantly improved and added to its service offerings since then. The Division now provides a full range of services such as air diving, saturation (SAT) diving, and Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) support with the use of a specialized in-house fleet and equipment, as well as third party assets through preferred suppliers. HOSC is a long-time member of the International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) for the provision of Surface Supplied and Bell Saturation Diving, and ROV Services Contractor.

With its fully-owned and operated assets, HOSC strives to support its end clients through its life of field activity, and provides services for Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IMR) and construction support activities. For subsea services, HOSC currently owns and operates two DP saturation diving support vessels with integrated SAT diving systems as well as two DP air diving support vessels with integrated air diving systems. Aside from our marine assets, HOSC also owns and operates ROVs, modular surface orientated air diving systems, mobile portable surface supplied systems (SRP), and diving work boats.

HOSC’s experienced, knowledgeable, and multi-skilled subsea team is currently employed on a number of long-term contracts with key clients such as Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas and Occidental Petroleum. We provide specific solutions to our end clients, drawn from our vast experience of operating in Qatar and in the region, accumulated over a couple of decades.

HOSC also supports EPIC contractors on various construction projects in Qatar.

HOSC owns and operate a dedicated workshop for its Subsea Division, manned with IMCA qualified diving technician, and other in-house specialists, all working towards ensuring that HOSC equipment is operated and maintained at the highest possible standard, and in line with international requirements. 

HOSC‘s Subsea Services Division, along with its technical support organization and its office support team, provide its clients flexible, dependable, and professional services for all their project needs.